Ever try traveling with a hat?  Where do you carry it?  Like most, the answer is likely on your head, lap, or maybe just leave it behind before you end up losing it en route.  BUT, the hat is an essential item for summer travelers, so here’s a great way to bring that accessory without hassle or worry. 

Gather all the items you want to pack; The place the heavy items on the bottom including things like shoes, purses, and jeans, creating a flat surface. 

Screenshot 2017-05-05 10.11.36


Save one heavy item and roll it up. Screenshot 2017-05-05 10.13.10


Grab your hat and gently fill the space where your head goes with the rolled item, leaving no space.  

Screenshot 2017-05-05 10.14.50


Next, flip your hat over and place it on the heavier clothes already packed.  Then you’re going to start adding the remaining items to be packed, all around the hat creating a barrier around it.

Screenshot 2017-05-05 10.16.05


Continue to pack the remaining items around the hat, snugly so the hat can’t flop around.  Once this is done, place any additional item on top so there is a nice flat surface, zip it and you’re off!

Screenshot 2017-05-05 10.18.03

If you have a great packing tip, we’d love to hear from you!  Please comment below and share this post.




Fifty before 50

Inspired by great blogger I discovered on WP, Suzy over at  From the Fringe, who created a list of thirty things she wanted to do before turning 30…I decided to create a list that reflects some things I have always wanted to accomplish and well, 50 is a BIG milestone birthday, so why not give it a go!

I decided to look around and peek at some other “lists” to see if I might borrow some ideas and I can across a really neat tool called bucket, that not only allows you to create your own list, but also has thousands of ideas and categories to set up goals for your list as well as earn a following and ranking from othere participants.

Screenshot 2017-04-23 10.33.19

I have to say it reminded me of the first time I jumped on Pinterest…so much to see!  I ended up with a list of about 75 items after an hour of exploring…I had to stop myself! Some of the items are “normal” everyday things like to “be more patient” or learn another language, but I also found some really clever and interesting ideas as well, such as:

Write myself a letter seal it and read it 10 years later


Drive Route 66


Take a photo every day for a month

Screenshot 2017-04-23 10.56.11

Swim in The Mediterranean Sea


This was fun and I can’t wait to add to my list as well as start “checking off” some items as I get adventurous! I encourage you to give it a try! Obviously this list is something very personal and reflects my personality, but I was suprised at some of the items I placed on my list despite my fear of them. I am terrified of sharks but in the Mediterranean Sea, they might now seem as bad…well maybe!  the point is to get out of your daily routines and comfort zones and start living! Here is a link to my list!

I turn 47 in July, so I have three years to get out there and make something happen! It will also provide an ongoing topic for future blogs…stayed tuned!

Road Trip Travel Hacks for Families


Going on a road trip with the family can be tons of fun when you plan a little ahead of time. Most families go on a road trip a couple times a year. They typically vary from 4 hours to 11 hours to get to the destination, so playing games and singing songs together are some favorite ways to pass the time.

Here are some fun games and other activities to do with your kids to help the hours fly by on your next road trip.

  1. The Minister’s Cat. Start with the letter A. The first person says “The Minister’s Cat is an (think of a word that starts with A) cat”. Go around in a circle to each person while they say “The Minister’s Cat is an (fill in with a word that starts with the letter) cat. Some examples: Angry, Awful, Artistic, Adventurous, etc. When you run out of ideas for A, move on to B, then C, etc.
  1. The Alphabet Game. Work together to find the letters in the alphabet in signs that you pass. Make sure you say the word that you found the letter in and go in order from A to Z. If there’s not a lot of signs around, use license plates as well.
  1. Would You Rather? Game – Ask would you rather ….. or …..? Here’s 100 question ideas from The Measured Mom.
  1. 20 Questions Game. One person thinks of something and everyone in the car takes turn asking yes or no questions until someone can guess what the person was thinking about. To make it easier, you could start with a category like “Something you eat”, “Places to visit”, “Animals”, etc.
  1. Sing Silly Songs. A few of our favorites:national-lampoons-vacation

Fried Ham. Lyrics: Fried Ham, Fried Ham, cheese, and bologna. After the macaroni, we’ll have onions, pickles, and pretzels. Then we’ll have some more fried ham, fried ham, fried ham!! What’s so fun about this song is that you change it up by singing it in silly voices for each verse after the first. You can take turns choosing how you want to sing it and have fun making it up. Some ideas: old lady, baby, opera, British, cowboy.

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

The Ants Go Marching

Buy a kids silly songs CD for more ideas and to make it easy. My favorite is the WeeSing CDs with books for the lyrics. “Wee Sing Silly Songs”, “Children’s Songs and Fingerplays”

  1. Play Mad Libs. There are tons of different Mad Libs books. If you use a notebook to write the keywords down you can re-use the same pages again. Here’s a site with free printable Mad Libs
  1. Kids Travel Activity Books like National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlasand The Everything Kids’ Travel Activity Book, and Fun book of Mazes for Kids
  1. Travel Games like Travel Scavenger Hunt for Kidsor Spot It! On the Roador Tile Lock Scrabble


  1. Travel Game Printables. Here’s some from including Car Bingo, Lines and Dots, and Battleship. There’s a huge list of printables and game ideas on discoverykids.comand
  1. Wrap a few small presents and let the kids open one every couple hours. These can be little items from the Dollar Store that are fun to play with in the car like books, coloring books, sticker books, small toys, etc. Give them an incentive to not argue with each other or whine by telling them they only get their next gift if they behave well.
  1. Buy special snacks that they don’t get very often like Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, licorice, Ring Pops, etc.

fun road trip kits

  1. Make your own binder of reusable activity pages. Fill a 3-ring binder with clear plastic sleeves. In the sleeves, put the travel game printables (above) like hangman, the line dot game, tic-tac-toe, word searches, find the hidden pictures, and connect-the-dots. Also put in some blank paper. Use a 3-ring pencil bag to hold the dry erase markers and a rag they can use as an eraser. (From
  1. Bring a few favorite DVDs or stop by a Redbox and return to another Redbox along the way. We usually let the kids watch one movie in the morning and one in the afternoon on long all-day drives.
  1. Make a playlist on your ipod or burn a few CDs of favorite songs that your family loves to listen to. Switch off between favorites of the kids/teens and favorites of the parents. Remember upbeat songs are best for the driver so they don’t get sleepy. Some of our favorite songs are in this playlist “Ultimate Road Trip Songs“.
  1. Research the areas you will be traveling through ahead of time and find a local park that would be a good place for a rest stop. Or use your GPS after you exit into an unknown city and search for a park with it. We’ve stopped during lunch time, grabbed fast food and taken it to the park or we’ve played at a park as an afternoon rest stop. It’s great for the kids to burn off some energy by running around and for the adults to stretch their legs and back. If the weather is bad, stop for lunch or a break at a McDonald’s or a Carl’s Jr. that has a playground so the kids can run around there.


I hope your next road trip is your best one yet! Do you have any ideas to share? Please leave a comment and share this blog.