Fifty before 50

Inspired by great blogger I discovered on WP, Suzy over at  From the Fringe, who created a list of thirty things she wanted to do before turning 30…I decided to create a list that reflects some things I have always wanted to accomplish and well, 50 is a BIG milestone birthday, so why not give it a go!

I decided to look around and peek at some other “lists” to see if I might borrow some ideas and I can across a really neat tool called bucket, that not only allows you to create your own list, but also has thousands of ideas and categories to set up goals for your list as well as earn a following and ranking from othere participants.

Screenshot 2017-04-23 10.33.19

I have to say it reminded me of the first time I jumped on Pinterest…so much to see!  I ended up with a list of about 75 items after an hour of exploring…I had to stop myself! Some of the items are “normal” everyday things like to “be more patient” or learn another language, but I also found some really clever and interesting ideas as well, such as:

Write myself a letter seal it and read it 10 years later


Drive Route 66


Take a photo every day for a month

Screenshot 2017-04-23 10.56.11

Swim in The Mediterranean Sea


This was fun and I can’t wait to add to my list as well as start “checking off” some items as I get adventurous! I encourage you to give it a try! Obviously this list is something very personal and reflects my personality, but I was suprised at some of the items I placed on my list despite my fear of them. I am terrified of sharks but in the Mediterranean Sea, they might now seem as bad…well maybe!  the point is to get out of your daily routines and comfort zones and start living! Here is a link to my list!

I turn 47 in July, so I have three years to get out there and make something happen! It will also provide an ongoing topic for future blogs…stayed tuned!


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